We’ve come up short … This time.

Fall elections will save hundreds of thousands of dollars and increase voter participation, which are both great for Gainesville. Three months ago we decided to take on the challenge of gathering 7,463 signatures in 90 days so as to give voters a say on it in November. 
We started with minimal funding and a handful of volunteers. While we fell short of the number of signatures needed, nearly 5,000 people did sign a petition. People overwhelmingly support the idea, and that’s why we came as close as we did. 
Thanks are due everyone who contributed a signature, time or money to the effort and we want to assure everyone that this is just the start. 

Should they choose to, the City Commission still has the power to put this question on November’s ballot. In the event that doesn’t happen, we will immediately begin planning another qualifying effort. With what we’ve learned and with the broad support this idea has earned, we are confident it will succeed. 

Again, many thanks to ALL who have been involved. You’ll hear more from us soon!


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