What is Gainesville Votes?

WHO are we? 

We are Gainesville residents working to reform Gainesville elections.

WHAT are we trying to accomplish?

Gainesville currently holds elections each spring and only city races are on the ballot.

Turnout for these spring elections is abysmal. In April of 2015, less than 12% of registered voters cast ballots!

Spring elections are also expensive. Gainesville spends $230,000 each year just to hold its own elections

We know Gainesville can do better!

Holding city elections at the same time voters cast ballots for other local, state and federal candidates will improve turnout and lower costs.

HOW will this happen?

Gainesville Votes is working to move Gainesville elections to the fall, so that every voter can cast a ballot at the same time he or she votes.

Specifically, Gainesville Votes is working to establish a first election in August of every even year and a run-off, if necessary, in November of each even year.

This schedule is the same as the Alachua County School Board. City elections would continue to be non-partisan.

Once in place, new city commission terms would be four years. No city commissioner would have his or her term lengthened or shortened by this change.

WHEN can this happen?

With your help, Gainesville Votes can put this important decision before voters on the November 2016 ballot.


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